Finding Sweepstakes to Enter

There are many great free websites that are resources for sweepers.  These are websites that find online sweepstakes for you.  All you have to do is pick out the prizes you want to win, and enter the sweepstakes offering those prizes.  Some of these sites even have a way to keep track of the contests you are entering so you can be sure to come back and enter again if so allowed by the rules.

Three of my favorite resources for finding sweepstakes are:

Contestgirl Contests

And for a great list of instant wins and “winnable” sweepstakes:

Sweeties Sweeps

Another way to find sweepstakes to enter is to search online for the keyword “sweepstakes.”  When you do this, it is best to only enter sweepstakes for brands and companies that you know so that you can be sure they are legitimate.  Check the websites of your favorite brands, companies, and organizations.  Sometimes there will be a link to promotions, contests, sweepstakes, and free stuff!

One last tip is to create a Google News Alert for the word “sweepstakes.”  This way you will get an e-mail for any new or ongoing sweepstakes that makes it into a news article.


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