How to Organize and Keep Track of Your Sweepstakes

Once you have chosen which sweepstakes to enter, you’ll want to develop a system to organize and keep track of them.  You will want to keep track of each sweepstakes for a couple of reasons.

One is so that you know what you have entered.  That way when you get a winning notification you can check to make sure you entered the sweepstakes.   This practice will keep you safer from scammers.  I’ll get more into scams and what to be on the lookout for in a future post.

Another reason is to keep track of what is a single entry and what is a daily entry.  This way you can be sure not to accidentally enter a single entry more than once, but you will also have a list of the daily entry ones so you can come back to them each day.

There are at least three systems of organizing and tracking your sweepstakes.  I’m sure there are many more and you should experiment and find one that works best for you.

The first is to use your Bookmarks tab in your browser.  Create different folders for types of sweepstakes.  You may create folders for single, daily, weekly, and monthly sweepstakes.  Or you may use expiration dates for the sweepstakes: Exp Jan, Exp Feb, etc.  Alternately you can divide your folders by the type of prize the sweepstakes offers: Trips, Cars, Clothes, Cash, etc.  Whatever you decide, make sure it is a way that is easy for you to find and locate the sweepstakes you want quickly.  You don’t want to waste time that could be spent entering sweepstakes by organizational problems.

A second system is to use an Excel or other type of spreadsheet to organize your sweepstakes.  You can efficiently make columns to indicate various information from each sweepstakes.  Examples of column headings might be Name of Sweeps, Expiration Date, Entry Frequency, and Prize.

Finally, you could use a good old fashioned spiral notebook specifically for tracking your sweepstakes.  You can organize it like either of the above options.  You won’t have the quick-find features of folders or searches, but I definitely know people that use this method successfully.

(Note that there are also free websites for sweepers that offer some amount of tracking.  I cannot recommend a particular one, however, as I have not used any.)

If you have another great system in place that you would like to share on this blog to help others, please post a comment!


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