Make Your Sweepstakes Entries Even Quicker!

There are helpful form filling programs out there that can make entering sweepstakes a breeze!

My favorite is Last Pass which has both a form fill feature and the ability to create and remember unique passwords for those sweepstakes that require passwords.  You tell the program what information you want automatically filled in when there is a form to fill (you are creating a profile).  Then you name that profile and save it.  When you are entering sweepstakes you simply need to choose Form Fills and the profile name (just 2 quick clicks) and your sweepstakes form will fill in the information automatically.

A couple words of caution about using form fill software.  First, not all sweepstakes allow this.  If it is not allowed, either the form will fail to populate or your sweepstakes entry may be disqualified.  Second, while the fields usually populate correctly, they don’t always.  It is safest to check that all your boxes are filled in correctly.  But overall, you will find that it saves a lot of time over typing out your information for each sweepstakes entry form.

For more form fill programs sweepers prefer check out this article on the Contests and Sweepstakes section of the website: 5 Best Form-Filling Programs for Entering Sweepstakes.

(Note: I prefer Last Pass over internet browser form fill programs because it offers a tremendous amount of additional security.)


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