You’re A Winner! Now About That Prize…

A big part of sweepstakes is waiting.  First you wait until the promotion conclusion to find out if you have won.  If you have and your prize is valuable, you may then wait until all proper paperwork is turned in and verified.  Finally you have to wait for your prize to arrive.

The promotion period could be as short as a day or even an hour, or it could be longer than a year.  The longer the promotion runs, it decreases your chances of winning because so many more people have the opportunity to enter.  Obviously, it also increases your wait time.

Hopefully you will soon get that “Congratulations!” message by e-mail, text, phone, or special delivery.  If the value is low, generally there is no paperwork and you can expect your prize to arrive no later than 6-12 weeks after your notification.  However, if you have won a more valuable prize, you may have to fill out an affidavit and other associated paperwork to verify yourself and for tax purposes.  Only after that is taken care of, and assuming you are verified, will you receive your prize.  Perhaps it’s a trip, a bicycle, a car, or that dream something you always wanted!

Other times, with lower value items, prizes may come unannounced.  I love waiting for the mail every day and love seeing a package truck on the street!  I have received many unexpected prizes such as gift cards and cosmetics this way.  I will open the package and, if there is a letter inside, I’ll usually say, “Oh, yes, I remember this sweepstakes!  I had no idea I was a winner!”

Lastly, I do want to remind you that you are responsible for taxes on your sweepstakes winnings.  So keep that in mind when you are entering contests valued at various amounts.

I hope you have been winning lots of great prizes and if you are just starting out, I can’t wait for you to get your first Congratulations! message.  Please let me know when you win!  I want to hear all about it!


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