About America’s Sweepheart

I’m what you call a “sweeper.”  Don’t mistake me for someone who likes to sweep the kitchen floor. What I love is entering sweepstakes for a hobby! It’s fun and can be very rewarding when the prizes start showing up in your e-mail, mailbox, or at the front door.

I started entering sweepstakes over seven years ago. My husband and I had just moved across the country from the east coast to California. Because we were on a tight budget we had to live with his mother until we could save up to move to our own place. The house was very small and we were rather on top of each other. So I spent a lot of time in my room on my computer, surfing for information on things I knew we just couldn’t afford.

My husband had recently read an article about someone who had won a sweepstakes and mentioned it to me. He suggested that if I wanted things we didn’t have, I could win them. I entered my first sweepstakes that day and a few weeks later found out I had won a pair of tickets to Disneyland. The excitement of winning had me hooked!

I started searching out and entering any sweepstakes that I could find, whether it was local, regional or national. Since my first win, I have won 3 vacations, a bicycle, a personal watercraft, a pinball machine, endless gift cards for things such as clothes, groceries, coffee, and restaurants, cash and money gift cards, and a Playstation 4. There have also been lots of smaller wins like movie tickets, food products, branded merchandise, etc.

But sweeping isn’t just about me. I have had the opportunity to donate to charities and give gifts to friends and family with the prizes I have won. I also started the Boise Sweepstakes Club (also here) in my curent city so I can help people be as successful at their sweepstakes hobby as I am! And now I want to share what I’ve learned through trial and error with you, so you can win great prizes too!


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